PE Builder v3 plugin

AutoRun 1.0.5

This plugin creates a (pseudo) Startup Group in BartPE's Nu2Menu.

The AutoRun plugin will run the AutoRun-files 'AutoRun_*.cmd' present in %SystemRoot%\System32 when Nu2Menu starts (these AutoRun-files will run only once and not again when Nu2Menu reloads). The AutoRun-files will run one by one (next one starts only after current one finishes) in no specific order. However for AutoRun-files that depend on each other, the load order can be manipulated by replacing the '_' in the filename with '1' to '9', or '0' (see below). The AutoRun-files from the '0'-group will run last and will NOT wait on each other. Use this group for autoruns that might take long time or might not end at all.

When the 'Scroll-Lock' light is lit when AutoRun starts it will go into debug-mode. Now it will ask whether to run or to skip each AutoRun-file one by one. When all three 'Locks' are lit ('Scroll-Lock', 'Caps-Lock', and 'Num-Lock') all AutoRun-files will be skipped without asking (see also Autorun.tag at the bottom for another approach). Use these mode(s) to troubleshoot AutoRun-files or to be able to skip specific AutoRun-files on purpose.

For your plugin 'MyPlugin' write your autostart commands in a batch-file called 'AutoRun_MyPlugin.cmd' (needs to be placed in your own plugin dir), put 'exit' in there as last command (otherwise it will not finish and halt the chain of execution) and add a reference to your INF file (do not forget to substitute your pluginname for 'MyPlugin'):


When you need to manipulate the load order to make sure some AutoRun-files have completed before other ones are allowed to start, use the load order reference presented here:
When your AutoRun-file is not depending on other AutoRun-files it is strongly advised to put it in the default AutoRun group (by using the 'AutoRun_MyPlugin.cmd' format).

When your AutoRun-file is taking a long time to run (or even infinite time to run) put it in last group ('0') so it will not delay nor halt execution of other AutoRun-files.

AutoRun will not run anything when it encounters a file Autorun.tag in the root of the ramdrive (%ramdrv%\autorun.tag). You may create such a file by one of your AutoRun-files to prevent unwanted re-runs of AutoRun in special scenarios with restarted alternate shells. This file Autorun.tag is only tested for existance at the beginning of AutoRun so creating this file will not influence the current AutoRun session.

AutoRun v3 plugin by Erwin Veermans (see NwDskPE)

PE Builder Copyright (c) 2002-2004 Bart Lagerweij. All rights reserved.